For luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful Bathroom & Kitchen Tiling in your home, look no further than the flooring experts here at Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd. Having worked in the tiling industry for over 10 years, our highly skilled and experienced tilers can provide you with the very best tiling installations and leave you with a beautifully finished kitchen and bathroom floor that will last you for many years to come.

Working throughout South Australia, we provide homeowners with the very best in Bathroom & Kitchen Tiling options, specializing in everything from the initial design and supply right through to the installation itself. Our Master Tilers are trained to get the job done right the first time. We strive for the best possible result with your kitchen, a result which both you and our team will be proud of for years to come.


We are highly experienced in working on large projects from apartment complexes to shopping centers and can provide you with operational efficiency which ensures your job is done on time and on budget. When you engage the Fidaa Tiling team for your South Australia tiling project, our years of experience are at your disposal, and we can provide you with advice and tips to get the best out of your space. Whatever you are looking for, we will create a custom design that suits your needs for your commercial areas.

Our team of professional tilers, as well as our management teamwork in harmony to provide outstanding results every time for our clients. We have the ability to scale complex tiling services based on your tiling and personnel needs. We understand that different commercial spaces have a unique set of functional requirements and aesthetics. This is why we use the latest and most advanced equipment and up-to-date installation techniques to craft your dream space.


Your swimming pool is a central feature of your garden. So when it comes to pool coping, you want a solution that combines stylish aesthetics with low maintenance and durability. As pool coping experts, we know how to tailor our pool coping to your garden and pool design, while providing longevity and functionality. To ensure consistent and high-quality finishes it is important to have your pool coping and surrounding finishes installed by one contractor.

We also incorporate the pool fence installation with a pool surround to streamline construction and avoid delays, saving you money. At Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd, we handle everything from pool coping areas for new swimming pool projects and pool renovations. We have paving to match the pool coping for extended patio areas.


At Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd, we can supply a full range of tiles from plain ceramic wall tiles to hand-made panels made to your design and specification. Try our residential tiling services, you will be amazed at our work. There is no place like home. Tiles can increase the beauty of your home and make it more relaxing and homely.

Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd presents high-quality residential tiling services for people in NSW. Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd is a perfect choice for residential tiling services in South Australia. We can supply and lay any type, size, and shape of the tiles in your house. At Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd our passion is driven by making homes and Bathrooms a luxurious look while striving to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


Commonly, silicone is used in corners of tiled walls where the two walls meet as well as around floor edging, shower recess, vanity, and spa bath edging. Silicone provides a watertight seal in these areas which are exposed to a lot of water on a daily basis and stop the water from entering the wall and floor surface. Silicone also allows the flexibility to occur in cases where the walls experience slight movements over the years.

Every property will undergo some movement in the walls during its lifetime and the flexibility of silicone will allow for dis to occur without showing any signs of cracking along the joints. Older buildings might have grout used in these joints, however, even the slightest movement in the wall will show cracks along with them which can allow water to get inside and cause permanent damage to the structure. We cover all Sydney suburbs.


At Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd, we’re experts in all thing's tiles. Our professional contractors have years of practical experience under their belts and can confidently complete any shower screeding and scrapping project in your home. Rather than stressing about applying the correct level of screed yourself, get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to help you out and ensure that the job is done perfectly the first time around, saving you the hassle of repairs in the future.

It is crucial to get advice from a certified floor screeding professional before laying out any tiling project to avoid any jeopardy later in time, not to mention huge bills to repair mistakes committed by amateur installers. Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd provides you with skilled floor screeding professionals who can give you the right advice to ensure you have a good base to install tiles on. We cater to clients and customers all around Melbourne. We have a dedicated team of workers all around Melbourne who can get any tiling job done effortlessly.


Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd is the leading specialist in wall & floor tiling services around South Australia. We have a highly dedicated team that is willing to tile your house, office, or commercial property. Choosing the right wall & floor tiles for your construction and refurbishment is crucial - from offices, interior, or exterior, choosing the right tiles from the beginning is just as important as the foundation of any project.

The type of wall & floor tiles you pick out for each room, the colors, the patterns - they all play a fundamental role in how things come together. We specialize in all things related to flooring tile installation. From bathroom flooring to kitchen flooring, our contractors will perform your flooring services right the first time. No matter how creative or innovative your ideas are, our experienced and qualified designers and fitters will work with you to give you exactly what you want and let your creativity blossom.


With over 10 years of experience, Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd has a range of residential and industrial waterproofing systems carefully selected and tested within different environments. From acrylic or polymer base to latex or liquid rubber, all the products we use for our jobs have never failed, the secret being to use the right system for the right application.

Best Tiling Aus Pty Ltd can assist you with all you're internal or external waterproofing needs, from a bathroom to a weather-exposed balcony, cementitious surfaces, plasters, or even metals.